M E T E, 2019

M E T E  is a collaboration between Veronica Barbato and Marco d'Azzo.

"Every relationship is born from an act of courage, the courage to open up, to give oneself, to question oneself, to implement what each relationship generates, change. It changes, from that single act of courage, from that impetus which knows no fear, all the time that follows. The more intense and profound the relationship is, whether it be: love, friendship or work, between individuals or groups of people, the more radical the change is, almost a revolution that drives us to the fullest. And therefore we embrace it with ardor, we cradle it, we protect it, we feed it, in every single moment.

It took a certain amount of courage to mix our works, sketches and photos, colors and images, every intervention, initially, seemed too much, a profanation. What made it possible was sharing, sharing the shots and the drawings , ideas and gestures, everything, absolutely everything, from conception to the smallest material gesture, all done together, discussed, evaluated, criticized, and finally produced.

A body of work is born that are neither photos nor paintings, neither architectures nor images, they are the fruit of conceiving change and living it, the two lives generate a new life, together.

A life that includes the full and does not fear the great voids, the immense blacks and the small and delicate objects, which dance in darkness, without fear.


M E T E, goals achieved."

Marco d'Azzo